Hello Barbie? Cool or Creepy?

Does your child have a newer "Hello Barbie"? We would like to talk to you and your child if you do. Please email me leslie.block@themommiesnetwork.org 

Why you might ask? ... The Washington Post is working on a possible article about the artificial technology/intelligence and the Hello Barbie doll. We want to put you in touch with the reporter that is working on this project. Please email me and I will get you the information and get you in touch with her. 

You Can Not Do Kindness To Soon.....

A Different Kind of Holiday Giving

About 63.8 million people did volunteer work at some point last year. Were you one of them? Volunteering your time and talent has never been easier with advanced technologies and flexible volunteer schedules. Recent studies also indicate that children and families who volunteer together have better relationships, succeed in school, are healthier, deal better with difficult situations and build positive self esteems.


Today Is Giving Tuesday: How Will You Give? #GivingTuesday #nonprofits

Connections. They're important to everyone. No one wants to travel the road alone and in our internet age, we're given thousands of different ways to connect with others, all across the world, every single day.

But what is missing? Are these internet connections as beneficial to us as real, in-person connections can be?

For Just a Cup of Coffee

Do you love coffee like I do? I swear I live on the stuff. I drink it regularly at home but I also enjoy getting a delicious fancy something or other at the coffee shop as a treat. To be honest, the drinks I get from there hardly count as coffee – they are more like a dessert – but who can resist that cup of deliciousness?

How often do you treat yourself to a coffee or milkshake or other such deliciousness? Weekly? Monthly?

Would you be willing to give up just one treat, one time, to help support thousands of moms across the country?

That’s how easy it can be. For the $5 you spend on your delicious Frappachino or whip-cream with cherry on top milkshake, you can make a real difference in our organization.

Share Your Chapter with Local Businesses

As you know, The Mommies Network is proud to offer FREE membership to any mom living in the chapter area (and to ANY mom on our National Chapter). It’s an important part of our mission to remain free so that any mom, regardless of her financial situation, can have access to our services and resources.

While we do depend on member donations and fundraisers, we also rely heavily on sponsors to fund our network and build new programs for our membership.

Sponsorship on our chapters is a win-win for the chapter and the sponsor. As members of their local community, our chapters are eager to build relationships with local mom- and kid-friendly businesses. Businesses who cater to moms and children are eager to share their products and services with our membership. Sponsorship gives local businesses the opportunity to invest in our chapters, to show our members that they believe that moms are a powerful and important part of our community and deserve to have a local network of support.

Chapter Sponsors make it possible for our chapters to remain free for our members and our members are grateful for the resource that our sponsors provide to them.